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Elected positions on the National AOTS Council

Elected positions on the National AOTS Council
Responsibilities of each from the AOTS "BYLAWS"

Important Note: A proposal to change the National AOTS Constitution and Bylaws will be presented to the Biennial business meeting in August 2013. If the proposal is approved, there may be some changes to Officer responsibilities, Committee structure, and Committee Chair responsibilities.

2014-2015 National Executive
The man elected as President Elect will be installed as President at the following Biennial Convention. His essential role is to train and prepare himself as President.

The President is responsible for overall supervision and administration of the affairs of the National AOTS and ensures that all policies and actions approved by the Convention delegates, the National AOTS Counci1 or the National AOTS Executive are properly implemented.

It is assumed that a regional Vice-President has an extensive background of experience in AOTS work and is possibilities in much of the region for which he is responsible. Therefore a primary concern would be to facilitate more effective communication, personal contact, phone calls, correspondence within the region, and between the region and the National AOTS. The Vice-President is a liaison, and an interpreter. He is the source of stimulation and support of the AOTS movement.

The secretary's basic responsibility is to be a Recording Secretary for the National AOTS. He will write up the minutes of business sessions of the National AOTS Convention and meetings of the National AOTS Council and its Executive. He will send these to the National AOTS Office for copying and mailing.

The treasurer is responsible for the care and custody of the funds and other financial assets of the National AOTS and for making payments for a11 approved expenses. He maintains books of the accounts and reports regularly to the National AOTS Executive.

Under the BYLAWS there are seven STANDING COMMITTEE'S

The Chairman of all Standing Committee's are elected at a National AOTS Convention.

The Chairman is responsible for setting up his committee so that it, can function effectively and efficiently. A nucleus of able and interested members should be recruited to serve on the committee for a two year period.

They should be in close proximity the Chairman to facilitate meetings and communication.

This committee's responsibility covers the service part of the aims of the National AOTS including projects and the support of Youth work. On behalf of the National Council, this committee will have responsibility for such specific National projects as, the National AOTS Hospital Project, the Harry Colnett Memorial Scholarship Project, and the Observer-On-Tape, Youth for Camp, and the D.R. Poole Memorial Awards, as well as other projects assigned to there supervision.

A general description of the responsibility of this committee could be described as an interest and a concern for the membership of the National AOTS in the past, present and future. It would develop, experiment and test new modes of membership and new types of clubs or groups to further the aims of the National AOTS in differing regions, among a diversity of potential members in a changing society. Be responsible for the promotion and administration of the David Sherwood Memorial Trophy program.

It is the responsibility of this committee to monitor, evaluate and devise ways and means of deepening the spiritual life of AOTS men. To be a source of information regarding devotional material and to advise through the Newsletter of materials and ideas that will strengthen the spiritual life of the readers.

The production of Spiritual Life Handbook is the responsibility of this committee.

It is the responsibility of the Constitution Committee to keep under review the Rules of Government of the National AOTS and to recommend, from time to time, changes which may be recommended or desirable.

To be responsible for planning, formulating recommendations about, and operating the National AOTS Convention, subject to approval by the National AOTS Council or its Executive.

To assume responsibility to investigate, stimulate and promote ways and means to provide adequate financing for the National AOTS and its National Projects.

To assume the responsibility to formulate and present for approval a budget for the operation of the National AOTS and support for National AOTS projects.

Present one or more nominations to the National AOTS Convention for each position of National AOTS Officers and Standing Committee Chairmen.

Be prepared to recommend to the National AOTS Council or Executive the names of competent men that could fill vacancies that may occur during the time between Conventions.

Download the PDF version of the Elected positions on the National AOTS Council

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