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Why Support National AOTS Financially?

Why support National AOTS financially ?

Consider what a club or individual can do to help support these needs, not so much what do we get.
The United Church of Canada AOTS Men's Clubs National Council provides the following services: 

1) Help maintain National AOTS projects 
We  have made an initiative for 2013-2016, that 100% of the cub members dues ($15/member) goes to support the Camp Improvement Project. All of the other things below are funded by volonteers or through donations to the Second Mile Fund.

  • Music Bursary - encourage youth with bursaries
  • Harry Colnett Award - Bursary to Agriculture students 

Some of the very successful past National AOTS projects are:
Hospital project - assist with education or other for medical staff in needy and remote areas Eastern, Central, and Western regions receive separate funds annually 
2) "The Handshake" magazine, postage and copying costs 

3) National Club's Member recognition
    • DR Poole Award
    • David Sherwood Award
    • Don Williams Award
    • Presidents Award
    • Life Member Award

4) Support the National Office provides:
Spiritual Life Handbook (Devotionals) copying & distribution Club support materials, pins, decals, cards, etc Handbooks, Pamphlets, Forms, Bylaws Club and Individual member mailing lists Publicity of events such as Biennial Conventions, Awards Assistance in maintaining web site: Staff support to all Council members, National, Conference, & Committee
5) Support travel costs:
Support travel costs of volunteer Council members to meetings, Conferences Roundups, & Clubs National representation to the United Church of Canada

Why be Affiliated With AOTS?
While any organized men’s group can be an effective instrument of the church, the AOTS club expands this definition. Just as a church would be incomplete in its ministry if it functioned solely for itself and by itself, an individual men’s group may not be rising to it’s true potential either. Through AOTS, clubs can join forces with other like-minded groups at the community, regional, and national level.
The National Association helps amplify the voice of the laity in the total life and work of the Church. It provides a regular exchange of information and ideas through it’s newsletter (The Handshake), website (, and various other literature and resource materials. It encourages interaction between clubs through the “Travelling Gavel/Cross” programmes and through involvement in regional rallies and retreats. 
How Does a Club Get Started?
It begins with one man of faith recognizing the need, and then discussing his interests with others in his church. A group of like-minded individuals can gather in an informal way for dinner or breakfast, for spiritual fellowship, to work together on an outreach project, or conduct a lay ministry within the church. This is the foundation of an AOTS club.
Consider the benefits of becoming part of the National Association of AOTS Men’s Clubs. Talk to your minister about it. Invite an AOTS representative to come and describe his involvement in the national association and discuss the operation and activities of his local club.

Individuals can also join the National Association without having to belong to a club. This category of membership allows men who live far away from the nearest active club to become involved in many regional and national activities of the AOTS. 

Please think about being a part, or have your Churches Men's Club be affiliated to the National Association of AOTS Men's Clubs. For more information please contact us at or go to the AOTS Membership page.

Central Region AOTS ROUND-UP 2014

Central Region AOTS ROUND-UP 2014 
(NEW DATES) May 2, 3 and 4 

Please mark your Calendar and Plan to attend 
we have a speaker and some entertainment and some workshops 
More in the new year............................. 
Manitou Conference Planning Committee 
Keeling Little (705) 476-1126 

1890 Metro Road North, 
Jackson 's Point, Ontario L0E 1L0