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AOTS Spring Roundup and National Biennial (2015)

April 17th to 19th, 2015

Salvation Army Jackson Point Conference Centre
1890 Metro Road North, Jacksons Point,

Patriarchy, Fatherhood and the Church

What is patriarchy and is this the way it is supposed to be?  What does the Bible say about this.  Jesus? What is the difference between mothers and fathers?  Where did the male God come from?  And what do we know about the origins of fatherhood, motherhood?  The next AOTS Spring Roundup will examine this theme.  Everyone welcome.

Michael Kooiman is the minister of Central United Church in Weston, Ontario.  Located in one of Toronto’s thirteen Priority Neighbourhoods, Central balances the needs of an historic congregation (1821) and the poverty that surrounds it.  Michael is active in the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, a community drop-in centre that provides meals, informal counseling and harm reduction services, including a needle exchange.

Since he began in ministry in 1990, Michael has served the Bathurst Pastoral Charge, near Perth, Ontario, St. Matthew’s in Toronto, and Cliffcrest and Birchcliff Bluffs, both located in Scarborough.  In 2004-05, Michael was the President of Toronto Conference.  Educated at York and Queen’s, Michael also completed a Doctor of Ministry in preaching at Chicago Theological Seminary, with a thesis entitled “Finding Metaphor in Context: Exploring the Generative Capacity of Metaphor for Preaching.”

Active in teaching and consulting, Michael is the Coordinator of the Ministry of Supervision program at Emmanuel College, preparing those who seek to supervise ministry-based students in all forms.  Michael is an active consultant with the Edge Network for Ministry Development, specializing in building issues and congregational outreach.  He was also an Emerging Spirit presenter, leading over 30 workshops from Halifax to Regina.  In 2011, he was the General Editor of “Faith in a Time of Change,” a collection of Emerging Spirit blogs (available through UCPH).

Michael is currently the President of the Toronto United Church Council, and is passionate about Council’s mission to provide support and leadership in the areas of congregational development, mission strategy, social ministry and church camping. 

Other times you will find Michael aboard his big brother’s sailboat, Loyalist IV, or at the cottage, or at home with partner Carmen Palmer.  Michael is dad to Hazel and Isaac, and Opa to Hudson and Elliot.