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National Executive Update From Minnedosa

The executive met in June in Minnedosa and I want to share some news from this with your club.

Most important--we have a new project! We have a long term relationship with camps and decided to build on this interest. The project will provide funding for Camp Capital Improvements up to $5000 per camp. Target amount would be $15000 per year and the first year will be funded from assets in existing General Funds.

A second part of this is a proposal to temporarily suspend dues in favour of a voluntary donation to this new fund. All income in 2013 and 2014 will go to this project in each of the following years. This is still subject to approval of a bylaw change by the Executive. Thus, a donation to the fund becomes the criteria for maintaining association with AOTS National. We hope clubs will embrace this idea and that their contribution would equal or exceed their current dues payment, knowing that all the money will go to a project. There will be a requirement that camps work with an active member of AOTS in requesting and implementing the grant. When finalized, the full details and grant application forms will be put on the AOTS website. This project will complement our existing Youth to Camp Fund which provides financial rewards for clubs sending the most youth to camp and is presented at each Biennial.

We also approved a change to allow some participation by the ladies and I will share the exact wording of this change on my next e-mail.

The Harry Colnett scholarship in the amount of $3000 will be presented to a University of Saskatchewan Veterinary student, Caitlyn Best from Powell River BC. The scholarship amount was increased this year due to the buildup of donations from clubs and failure to identify a recipient last year.

2013 is our next Biennial year and the meeting will be in Gander Newfoundland on August 14, 15 and 17. Check out the AOTS website for details and make your plans to join us on the ROCK next summer. This is your chance to have a vacation in this great part of Canada. Gary Ross, our Eastern VP recommends that you make plans and reservations early.

Please share this news with your Club members. An individual is limited in how much he can do, and a club working together can do more, but all the clubs working together can accomplish much more!

by Marvin Bildfell

We Need Your Articles for the Next Handshake Newsletter

We are looking for United Church Men from across the country to take a moment and write an article or let us know what their Church, AOTS Club or Men’s Group is doing in their area.

We are putting together the next addition of the National AOTS Newsletter “The Handsake” and we would like to have representation from all of the communities in Canada. We would also like to include some information on the website.

Please send your articles, stories and updates to the Handsake Editor Harold Lorenz or the AOTS Webmaster and we will make sure that people know about your area. Remember that no article is too short and we love hearing from you!