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AOTS National Spring News Update

Central Region just had a very successful Roundup at Jackson's Point. We had a dynamic and enthusiastic lady minister as speaker and discussion leader on the subject of "What's Next". I detected a mood of enthusiasm and optimism. Clubs are trying out new ideas.

 For example, Trinity North Bay purchased dark blue jackets with the AOTS crest printed on them and offer to arrange to supply jackets to any other club wanting to have them. Contact is Bill Brownlee, They also are spearheading a campaign to label all liquor containers warning of the dangers of drinking while pregnant. This is in support of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder group. Other Clubs are having some success in working with other groups in the church and including youth in activities.

There was expression by some members that they were not getting information which I had sent out to each Club representative at year end. I hope you are passing the information here along to your members. This letter and the website are our only means of communication to Clubs so we need your help in this. Maybe you could copy this and give copies out at your meetings.

John Cooke is a Member at Large of National and he presented  the bylaw changes which have been approved. They involve inclusion of ladies in Clubs and suspension of dues for three years in lieu of donations to the Camp Improvement Fund. Info on these is on the website. 

There was enthusiastic response to the new Camp Improvement Project presented by myself. Nationally, it looks like some Clubs which have withdrawn support may return to the AOTS because of this initiative. Hopefully Clubs will  initiate discussion with informal men's groups in their area and encourage them to support the project and maybe become active in AOTS as a result. There has been a generous response from some clubs to date and I encourage those who have not contributed to date to do so. We are granting $15000 this year and I would like to see enough donations to let us donate $20000 next year.

There have been three Camp Improvement grants made to date. $3000 to Wellman Lake Camp near Flin Flon Manitoba and $5,000 to Five Oaks Education and Retreat Center in Brantford for snowblower/mower units. A third grant is to Loon Bay UC Camp near Gander, Newfoundland for 20 mattresses. This Camp is being revived  and they needed 20 new ones to replace those condemned by the Health Authority. A couple of pictures of the project purchases are attached. 

Wellman Lake snowblower

Five Oaks 
mower purchase

An individual club would not provide grants of this amount. We are making a difference by pooling money from many clubs! 

I hope you will remind your Club members of the Biennial in Newfoundland in August. All details are on the website A good old Newfoundland party is ensured!
Sent by Marvin Bildfell