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Proposed Changes to the AOTS Constitution & Bylaws

Executive Summary

After the 2009 Biennial Conference, the National Council undertook to revise and update the Rules of Government of The National AOTS. This work culminated in a substantial revision of both the Constitution and Bylaws documents. The National Council endorsed the proposed new documents with concurrence in April 2010 as the first step towards final approval. The process for change requires that the membership and clubs be advised of the changes at least 4 months in advance of the Biennial Conference scheduled for April 2011. To meet this requirement, the proposed new documents will be circulated with the Winter 2010/2011 Handshake and be available on the AOTS website. They will be presented to the membership for debate and approval at the 2011 Biennial Conference. All members are encouraged to review and discuss the proposed changes in the months leading up to the Convention.

Check out the new AOTS Constitution and Bylaws Page

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