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AOTS National Biennial and Central Region Spring Roundup 2011

Celebrating Men's Work in the Church: Making a Difference
Now more than ever the concept of making a difference looms large in our collective psyche. Experts on the environment tell us our planet is past its "best before" date. We seem to live in a world of permanent war. The gap between rich and poor increases. Jesus calls us to make a difference in the world and to never tire of doing right. As One That Serves (AOTS) has been dedicated to making a difference and getting things done for the past 88 years. Come and Join us for this weekend of friendship and spirituality as AOTS celebrates men's work in the church and looks forward to expanding men's ministry through a spirit of servant leadership.

Keynote Presenter: Michael Blair

will be led by David Battaino, George Bishop, Jim McKibbin, Jim Upright
Outside of the Box
Making a Difference
Rethinking our Direction
Bible Study

Entertainment: Cruisin Acappella Quartet

Sing Along: With John Groeneveld

For More information check out the National Biennial and Central Region Spring Roundup website

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