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You Still Have Time - Banff Men's Conference

Banff Men's Conference - October 15-17, 2010

To Seek Justice and Resist Evil: Making a Straight Path for the Lord

As men of faith in a complicated and troubling world, we are faced with issues and concerns that can leave us in conflict and confusion. From our first exposure to the church in Sunday School to the messages we receive today in our worship, we know that Christ has called us to love others as we love ourselves. The scriptures tell us that Jesus said we should turn the other cheek when faced with violence and oppression. At the same time when we recite our Creed we promise to Seek Justice and Resist Evil. Every night we watch the news and see graphic evidence, live and in colour, of the level of injustice and evil at work in our world. How do we respond?

Historically, one of the ways we have responded as a nation has been to send our young men and women in uniform to countries all over the world to try to make a difference. How can we, as followers of Christ, reconcile our desire to support these people we have sent into harm's way with the non-violent teachings of our faith? Brigadier General Peter Holt (retired) has strived for 39 years in the Canadian Armed Forces to be a soldier of Christ as well as a soldier of the military. As our theme speaker, he will lead us on a journey to explore our feelings on these matters and empower us to discuss our views in an open and respectful manner.

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