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AOTS (As One That Serves) Who Are We?

AOTS (As One That Serves) is a men’s service club that is affiliated with the United Church of Canada, but is open to all men on a broad ecumenical basis. AOTS aims to promote fellowship, deepen the spiritual life of men, and develop an effective program of Christian service.

Over the years the AOTS has been; Visiting shut-ins, Supporting the local food bank or transitional housing organization, Providing leadership for youth activities in the church, Helping with the upkeep of local camps and sponsoring underprivileged campers and helping supply northern communities and outposts with medical supplies and training.

The AOTS has been around for over 85 years and they have been working hard at staying “relevant” in this modern day.

The AOTS has been working hard at building their network and creating new clubs but despite their enthusiastic efforts the number of national clubs is dropping.

Being involved with this group for over 15 years I have seen the good they have done in their churches, community, provincially and even nationally. They are the workhorses behind many projects and their support usually means that your project will reach its goal. They are not out there preaching the gospel (although some of them would love to if they were asked) they are out there giving to the community in hopes that people will join them, not because of what they believe but because what they do and how much they care.

The AOTS have been instrumental at started The Men’s Ministry Network to unify all men in the United Church of Canada. This organization gives support to for men's groups in local congregations and helps men and men’s groups connect with one another and celebrate, support, and strengthen the many forms of men’s ministry. They are also breaking the barriers between the churches and working ecumenically to find common ground and unity in all of the great religions and churches

One of the national focus for the Men’s Ministry Network is the Dondi Project. The Dondi Project is an effort toward raising $1 million over the next year to rebuilding the Lutamo School at Dondi Angola, which was destroyed during years of conflict and civil war.

Initiated by The United Church of Canada Men’s Ministries Network, the project will reach out to men of all ages across Canada, creating a network that will engage, unite, and inspire.

Our National audience is not only Christian men that are active in the church but for all of those that want to be a part of a great community. I have found that there are a lot of busy people out there with families, work and hobbies that do not have the time to go to church but they still want to be a part of something bigger, give a little back to the community and possibly even grow a little spiritually.

Being a part of the AOTS will help fulfill that need and also make this national movement a lot stronger.

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