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The 2013 Biennial is History

We met in Newfoundland this year with small attendance but a great program. I thought I would review some of the changes that National has initiated at the biennial and previously this year.

1. The most significant change has been the creation of a Camp Improvement                  
    Project. This provides grants to any  camp providing youth programs for capital  
   projects. The first year grants totaled $15000 and have been awarded to four  
   camps. The details of these awards are on the website.
    The new project is funded from current donations and funds donated to the 
    second mile  project in past.

2. Membership fees have been suspended for the next three years. Clubs are 
    encouraged to send donations to the new Camp Improvement Fund in lieu of 
    dues. We are hoping Clubs will recognize the value of the new program and
    donate at least as much as the past dues amount with the knowledge that the 
    money is all going direct to a great cause..

3. Camping is the main interest of AOTS members so we are taking steps to 
     concentrate our efforts in this area. We have been administering two bequest 
     funds-- Youth to Camp and Harry Colnett Scholarship fund. These will be 
     cancelled and the funds in the bequest applied to the Camp Improvement Fund
     or in other appropriate areas.

4. Constitution changes have been made to allow limited participation by Ladies in

5.  The Executive elected or appointed for the 2013-2015 period is:

President                   Jim Upright, Victoria BC
Past President            David Morris,  Tillsonburg Ontario
President Elect           Gary Ross, Lewisporte Newfoundland
Treasurer                    Marvin Bildfell, Sarnia, Ontario
Eastern Vice Pres       Derek White, Lewisport Noefoundland
Central Vice Pres.       John Cooke, Sarnia, Ontario
Western Vice Pres.      Bill Love, Calgary, Alberta
Members at large:
      Eastern                 Ernie Paddock, Newfoundland
      Central                  Not named yet
      Western                David Adams, Newfoundland

We are continuing to use the website as our prime means of communicating with Clubs and members and encourage you to make this known to you fellow members. 

Donations to the Camp Improvement project have been received from a number of Clubs, and I hope those who have not yet donated will consider a generous gift before year end. The camps serving our youth are an important resource and deserve our support!

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