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AOTS National Update

We just had an exciting National Executive Meeting targeted mostly at revising the Constitution. The organization is much smaller than when the original document was produced. All revisions were approved for distribution to all members on the website and next Handshake. This will be followed by a vote at the next Biennial to make the changes final. Watch for this and there will be contacts provided there for any feedback.

It was decided that the next Biennial meeting will be held in Jacksons Point again on the Friday preceding the Central Region Roundup with the Executive meeting on Thursday. There is hope that Newfoundland might host the following meeting in 2013.

I hope your club is aware of the Dondi Project which is raising funds to rebuild a school in Dondi Angola. The Men's Ministry office at United Church Head Office led by Rev. Lloyd Paul and a board of directors which includes many active AOTS members is leading this. AOTS is taking a support role in attempting to interest men of the United Church in embracing this project. More info is available on the AOTS website. At the Central Regional Roundup an anonymous donor offered to match donations up to $1000 and this amount was donated! The next major event is a drumathon in October.

Please view The Dondi Project Presentation Update for Jackson's Point AOTS

I thought you might be interested in a listing of the clubs in Canada showing the number of dues paying members in each Club. It was disappointing to see two clubs withdraw this year, but this was partly offset by the chartering of one new club.

We are using the website to maintain better contact with members. The intent is that all non-private information will be available there for ready reference. This will include the Constitution, material order forms, annual membership forms and periodic communication from the President. Have a look at it--it is a very professional site.

In closing I wish your clubs well and appreciate the dues sent and the generous donations to our projects. Have a good summer!

Marvin Bildfell (National Treasurer)

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