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Dondi News - Some good news from Ontario - Lets see what the West can do!

Greeting Dondi People:

Just an update on some things that have been happening with the Dondi Project.

We had a great event at Grace UC in Napanee on Friday evening. The minister there, the Rev. Frank Hamper, had organized an evening of musical entertainment - all the musicians offered their time and talents gratis.

We raised over $3,000! Also there were AOTS men from Grace UC in Trenton; George St. United Church in Peterborough; and Wellington United Church and all 3 plus Grace United Church in Napanee will be sites for our October drumathon!

Today we received a cheque for $855.00 from the AOTS at Trinity United Church in Newmarket and another cheque will follow in June! Good work George!

The event at Beach United Church was full of energy. A member of the Men's Group there, Don Gray, videoed the whole evening and is putting together a 4 minute DVD for us which we can use to promote the experience of a drum circle.

Plans for the Western tour in May continue to move forward. Joe Truss, Bazza Hayward and Christine Cullen will make that trip.

We led worship at Kingsview United Church in Oshawa and shared with them an eight minute DVD that Kate Rodd and Peter Vinet had put together showing how the money they had raised for the Canata School in Lobito, Angola had been used. They are supporting the Dondi Project with $1,000.

Please keep in your prayers the Angolan people living in Lubango in southern Angola. Many families have been forced by the government to evacuate their homes which have been plowed under by the government. See the Africa Files for more information. Gary Kenny just back from Africa has freed up $5000 to go to Lubango to support the people.

Etta Snow called me today to inform me that Dr. George Burgess, a long time missionary in Angola with the United Church of Canada, died over the weekend in Chesley.

His daughter Jean Burgess is the President of the Angola Memorial Scholarship Fund. Funeral arrangements have not been finalized.

Easter blessings.

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